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Housing Trend in Borrego Springs, CA

The housing market in Borrego Springs, CA, exhibits a moderately competitive landscape, with both positive and negative indicators. As of February 2024, the median sale price for homes in Borrego Springs stands at $275,000, reflecting a stability of 0.0% since the previous year. This suggests a resilience in the market, maintaining property values over time.

However, a noteworthy trend is the decline in the median sale price per square foot, dropping by 26.3% compared to the previous year, reaching $168. This decline may indicate a shift in the size or type of homes being sold, potentially impacting the overall market dynamics.

Delving into the pace of the market, homes in Borrego Springs are now taking an average of 110 days to sell, marking an increase from the 91 days recorded in the previous year. This extended duration on the market may be attributed to factors such as increased competition or a more discerning buyer pool.

About Borrego Springs

Discover the allure of Borrego Springs, a captivating community known for its natural beauty. With a perfect blend of serenity and modern conveniences, Borrego Springs offers a distinctive living experience.

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